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Online coaching can be scary if you feel alone
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In Virtual Coaching a bit of Paranoia is a Good Thing

Try speaking out loud each of the three words below with a lot of emphasis and leaving a short gap…

How distance coaching is related to Islam
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Lessons from Islam about virtual coaching

In the first blog in this series we discussed the importance of the coaches’ presence in a session. In the…

Guy facing wall before distance coaching
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I rarely swear at my clients

In the last blog we examined how as the means of communication have multiplied it is becoming increasingly more important…

distance coaching city by night
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Can coaches be present and virtual ?

We had questions. Would this strange new idea work in the UK? Would people pay for phone coaching in the…

Pink typewriter replaced by online coaching
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Authentic love and authentic coaching

In my previous blogs I have discussed how coaching processes have been used and the value and limitations of using…