Using GROW for Career Coaching

Expaining distance coaching

There are certain types of problem that are particularly suited to the GROW approach.

One example might be to help someone obtain a promotion.

It is usually very clear how they will know that they have got a promotion so the Goal or end result is very clear.

Normally the reality will be how many times they had tried for the promotion, what happened, what resources they have currently, and how they feel about the current account attempt. Which again does not take very long.

The obstacles are where most of the work is done. They might have internal obstacles about their fear of putting themselves forward. There could be external obstacles if the standard needed is very high or if someone is trying to block them. And there could be a lack of knowledge or skills which are required in order to get the new role.

The important thing as with most GROW sessions is to separate out the obstacles into discrete items so that they can be dealt with. Here is a list of items from a real client session.

1) My manager is not supporting me
2) I don’t have the client handling skills they want
3) I don’t know if I could cope with the workload

As you can see once you have separated out the Obstacles it often becomes a lot clearer what is to be done.

Which means that you can move onto the Options – taking the Obstacles one at a time.

My manager is not supporting me
Option – To have a conversation with her manager to see what she would have to do to get his support

I don’t have the client facing skills they want
Option – To speak to HR and get details of what skills are needed and request to go onto a course

I don’t know if I could cope with the workload
Option – To speak to an individual who is currently doing the job, ask what the workload is really like and ask how they manage.

Once the Options were clear it was very straightforward to convert the Options into actions.

In the coming weeks I will be adding to the blog other examples of where GROW is really effective.

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