CoachMaster software – For online coach training and practice

Learning to coach is much easier with CoachMaster coaching software.  And you can solve real coaching issues while you learn.

CoachMaster software is an online tool which can be used for:

  • On-line coach training and development
  • Real time problem solving for individuals and teams
  • Evaluating coaching effectiveness
  • Recording and distributing action points
  • Capturing specialist knowledge and making it available to others.

CoachMaster was originally based on the GROW model.   However as the programme has developed it has become clearer that CoachMaster can be used in many other modes.  For instance there are now CoachMaster modules for mentoring, action learning sets and solution focused coaching.  All of which use different frameworks and models.  More and more experts are making their skills available through CoachMaster in order to develop new income streams and expand their influence.   If you would like to try CoachMaster for free or discuss how your expertise could be marketed through the software please click here… Free Trial

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The world’s first online system to provide advice and guidance to coaches in real time. It provides:

      • A database of questions and processes that support coaches in delivering quality coaching sessions
      • An ‘open source’ platform where experts in many different disciplines can create and market their own coaching processes
      • A system for coaching others which can be used on or off line
      • A support tool which provides metrics on coaching activity
      • A coach training tool
      • A system that provides performance enhancement and a support to appraisal systems
      • Automatic documentation of action plans roles and responsibilities

If you would like to try CoachMaster for yourself please get in touch.


  • Saves time by keeping discussions on track
  • Achieves high quality and consistent results though using an effective coaching model
  • Faster learning time for new coaches
  • Reduced travel costs for dispersed teams or individuals
  • Increased accountability and commitment to results
  • Maximises the investment in coaching training
  • Produces reliable metrics on coaching activity

If you would like to try CoachMaster for yourself please get in touch.

Modes of operation

  • As a purely text based tool
  • A support to phone or video coaching
  • Either in real time or asynchronous in offline mode
  • For preparation for a face to face session with eCards. Our database of cards using the coaching knowledge that is built into CoachMaster.

If you would like to try CoachMaster for yourself please get in touch.

Technical Features

  • Data is securely held
  • Software as a service (SaaS) only requiring an up to date browser
  • Communications cannot be intercepted.
  • Enables coaching support to be integrated into eLearning, management and HR challenges
  • Provides variety of ways of delivering and supervising coach training.
  • Supports coaching for dispersed groups and individuals

If you would like to try CoachMaster for yourself please get in touch.