The Grow Model



The GROW model for solving problems + achieving goals.

The power of GROW is that it is easily understood, straightforward to apply and very thorough. In addition, once you have an understanding of how it works, it is possible to apply it to an amazing variety of issues in a very effective way.

Even complex, multi faceted problems can be tackled with GROW and it often enables individuals to make progress on issues even when they have been stuck for a long time.

Why does the GROW model works so well?

The GROW model provides a structured, effective process for goals and challenges.

The GROW Model enables you to break down an issue into its constituent parts. Once these are clear it becomes straightforward to develop solutions.

With GROW, you create the solutions yourself so it is likely you will be committed to carrying them through.

The power of GROW - easy, simple and thorough.

The GROW model was developed in the UK and used extensively in coaching during the late 1980s and 1990s.

GROW has been proven in use by thousands of people,tackling an amazing range of problems, and achieving successes – some in a remarkably short time.

Although the GROW process is straightforward, any process involving human beings can become complex when applying it in practise. If you would like to discuss how to use the GROW process with your issue or your team click here.

You can use GROW by yourself or with the support of another person. Generally I advise working through a difficult issue with someone else, because they do not have the same emotional attachment that we have to our own issues. If you would like to learn how to support other people in working with GROW I suggest you purchase “Grow your own Carrot” – my guide with everything you need to know about GROW. Click the book image (right) to purchase.


A selection of our most frequently asked questions.

Who developed the Network?

  • The Network was developed by Bob Griffiths, who runs the training has been coaching since the early 1980s
  • Fed up with the low take up of coaching happening when there was a huge need he founded the Network to radically increase the availability of coaching across society
  • He trained with Tim Gallwey, Graham Alexander, Sir John Whitmore, and other luminaires of the coaching profession.
  • He is the author of ‘Grow your own Carrot’ the definitive guide to the GROW coaching model

What we offer

We help you every step of the way with:

  • Continual Personal and Professional Development.
  • Free introductory webinars
  • A highly interactive practical approach to learning including free access to CoachMaster – the world’s first coach training software!
  • How to deal with a variety of coaching issues using different processes within CoachMaster
  • A mixture of live study, live assessed coaching, as well as home study.

Will the coaching processes in the software work for everyone?

I would so like to say ‘yes’.  But the truth every client and every issue is different so there is no one process that is always going to work.   It is a bit like a GPS in a car.  It can point out what it believes is the best way to go but you as the driver have to make the decision whether to follow it.

Is the software secure?

  • Yes CoachMaster™ is hosted securely by Telehouse in East London. You can see their standards here.
  • During a CoachMaster™ session all data is instantly written to a database so If there was a server crash at the most only the last message would be lost.
  • All sessions are protected by full SSL encryption and we have privacy and security policies

Our big idea

  • We believe that effective help for all human beings is a right and not a luxury.
  • We offer our basic training for nothing in order to make more skilled, effective coaches in the world.
  • We invite people to pay back the costs of their training by offering free or reduced price coaching to others.

The Network is the first step to unlocking your passion for helping others.  And ultimately bring out your greatest gifts to the world the world we want to live in and strive to create the world of coaches who are helping others.

Who is the Network for?

  • Those who want to learn new skills and contribute to others
  • Individuals who want to start the transition to full time professional coaching
  • Those who want to have a part-time income from coaching
  • Managers who want to learn coaching skills

What is different about this coaching system?

e are unique in that we use a software as part of our training process.  By learning to take our first steps in coaching using CoachMaster software we can support you in becoming effective faster.  We like to mix up the technology and the ‘magic’ part of coaching and encourage our students to use a range of methodologies to find out what works best for them.

Why are you offering the software and basic training for free?

We offer our basic course for free because we want to maximise the  impact of coaching in the world and build our network.  If you decide after your free training period that you want to go and do your own thing with what you have learned we wish you every success.

What accreditation do I get?

If you complete one of our paid coaching skills courses you will receive a certification from the CoachMaster Network.

Who developed the Network?

The Network was developed by Bob Griffiths, who runs the training has been coaching since the early 1980s

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