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  1. How experts are using e-coaching to expand their reach
  2. Face to face versus other coaching methods
  3. How question frameworks can support coaching
  4. How to partner with CoachMaster™

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1)  How experts are using e-coaching to expand their reach
One of the interesting ways we have been using CoachMaster™ is to make it available to experts in their particular field for them to create their own coaching, mentoring or facilitation process.  Up to this point we have been working with:

  • Professor David Clutterbuck who has built his mentoring framework into CoachMaster™.   We now have four processes for different stages of the mentoring relationship and they incorporate David’s many years of knowledge of how to create powerful mentoring relationships
  • Moira McLaughlin who is an expert on action learning.  Together with Moira we now have two question sets to help facilitate new and established action learning sets.  With more and more action learning being done on the phone or online we believe  these process will make a major contribution to help AL facilitators run effective sessions
  • Ron Hinger.  Ron is an accomplished scrum master for Agile software development and together we have created a version of CoachMaster™ for running Agile retrospectives.  We found that many retrospectives concentrated on the practical elements of what had been done and what remained to be done but ignored the learning that could be drawn out.  This meant that teams often repeated the same mistakes again.  With the automatic recording system in CoachMaster™ for lessons learnt and actions it made the whole system a lot more learner centric and fewer mistakes were repeated.

Do you have an idea for a process that could be encoded into CoachMaster™?  If you do get in touch with robert.griffiths@thecoachmasternetwork.com.  We can discuss how you could extend your reach with CoachMaster™.

2)  Face to face versus other coaching methods.
There was a very interesting discussion on LinkedIn about the value of face to face versus other kinds of coaching, counselling and mentoring.  My position was that face to face was sometimes but not always the best medium for coaching.  The issue is that with face to face coaching you get so much information that you cannot keep track of all of it.  And even when we receive it our interpretation of what it means could be wrong.  If you would like to read the full article it is here  

 3) How Question Frameworks can support coaching.
My partner Bev Hancock wrote a really useful piece about how question frameworks can be used to support new coaches and managers build confidence and encourage reflection.  The full article is here.  I have expanded on the idea on a piece I wrote­ on my blog about how in the future coaches will have to sell their knowledge in new ways.  I would be very interested in anyone’s thoughts on the ideas.  That is here

4) How you can partner with us and expand your own services with CoachMaster™
As a CoachMaster™ partner you will:

  • Be able to package your existing knowledge of processes and ideas which help individuals and teams to develop and offer it to in an new, exciting and profitable way
  • Possess a unique differentiator in the field and being seen as an innovator
  • Earn recurring revenues on a subscription basis which will fit with your new and existing products
  • Keep ongoing longer relationships with clients with the opportunity to sell more products
  • Have clients turning to you for more support.
  • Offer new products and services to existing customers in supervision and training
  • Have ways of shortening and making training more effective
  • Build ongoing relationships with corporates who want their staff supported in a one to one relationship and develop repeat business
  • Know exactly how much coaching has been conducted and how much remains.

What we can offer you.

  • The opportunity to market CoachMaster™ with your own branding
  • Support and training in setting yourself up as a CoachMaster™ partner
  • Guidance on how to create your own CoachMaster™ processes
  • A great financial package where you can earn passive income through marketing your knowledge in a completely new way.

What makes a great CoachMaster™ partner?
Successful CoachMaster™ partners tend to be organisations and individuals who:

  • Have specialised knowledge about a particular field or an aspect of personal development
  • Are comfortable with technology and want to explore how they can make their knowledge and skills more available to others
  • Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism
  • Are credible and comfortable selling at all levels in organisations
  • Want to build a new source of income with an exciting combination of online, process and interpersonal skills
  • Are passionate about helping others
  • Want to contribute to the future development and shape of CoachMaster.

How to find out more
I will be running webinars for interested companies and individuals who would like to know more about how CoachMaster™ can help build their business.

If you would like to attend a webinar, or are interested please get in touch for a quick conversation at robert.griffiths@thecoachmasternetwork.com or skype bobcoach or telephone +44 (0)207 787 8599

That’s it for now.  Thanks for reading all the way!

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